arya samaj rajkot

Sri Acharya Pemdev Sashtri
A young scholar and thinker of Aryasamaj is doing extra-ordinary scientific study of Yog Darshan and Vedic books.
Vedic Rhythm Transformation your presents Life.

Ignite your most powerful dormant energies for healing and ravishment. In the discource you can discover this ability more and more and realize it in your everyday life, by – Resolving Relationship Issues, Releasing Fears, Phobias, Anger, and Painful Memories, Building Positive Thinking and Decision Making Power, Reducing Physical Ailment, Channelizing the money issues.

There are parts of discource where we celebrate together, where we work and break new grounds. Release your divine and healthy side with love and divinity. You shall experience yourself in the mystical state of union.

Do you know that you can explore your past? And your past has a significant effect on the present action as well.

Discover how the knowledge of past lives can open a new vision of what you really desire in life.

We all are carrying our past either from this life time or previous one. Our unconscious mind stores each and every happening around us, at every moment and we are unaware of it. With time they become memories and these memories leave strong impression on our mind which we carry forward, sometimes they are so strong that it affects an individuals whole life. But once you re-experience the memories from the past, they get dissolved.
Persons having love for the Yog darshan and scientific background of vaidek dharm ,like interest in spred massage of veds they may contact him and support Sri Acharya Pemdev Sashtri.

His address: To Arrange his discource and contect.


MAVDI GAM,DIS- RAJKOT 360004 GUJARAT(INDIA) , Mobile no. 09824280834.


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