The Sixteen Sanskaars

· The Sixteen Sanskaars:
1 Garbhaddhan Impregnation
2. Punsavan 3rd month in pregnancy
3. Seemanton-nayan 6th month in pregnancy
4. Jaat-karma Birth
5. Naam-karan Naming
6. Nish-kraman Stepping out of home for first time
7. Anna-praashan Feeding grains for first time
8. Mundan Shaving
9. Karna-vedha Piercing the ears
10. Upa-nayan Investiture with sacred thread
11. Vedaa-rambha Commencing school
12. Samaa-vartan Completing school
13. Vivaah Marriage
14. Vaan-prasth Retirement
15. Sannyaas Renunciation
16. Antyeshti Cremation

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